torsdag 4 april 2013

New records!

What a day. Not much wind in the morning. But the forecast was good and we rigged small sails, 7,8 ;-) When we where ready the wind was around 20 knots. We where a bit traditional regarding fins. MXR and C3 Venom. When we came up to the strip I (anders) set a 40 knots run. Daniel was surprised but it took only a moment when he landed a 41 knots run. We did about 15 plus 40 knots runs, then we went back to the surfcenter for lunch at Kempinsky. The downwind was challenging. At lunch I had 40.3 and Daniel 40.4 on 5x10sec. After lunch we rigged 7,0 and changed fins to Lockwood, X-Fins and T43. Daniel had a few very good runs right away. My sail was not in trim, too much tension on the battens in the top. After adjusting I had a few +40 on top, but the wind went slowly down. We took some photos and went happily home at 5pm.
Daniel had a new PB on top speed and myself,  250m, 500m, 5x10 sec.
Also the 2:nd and 3:rd best posted speeds on 7,8 ever at GPSSS. 

onsdag 3 april 2013

A no wind day

No wind today almost, we booked at glass window boat/snorkelling tour, but before that I just had to go out for a few runs with my new Loft 9,6. It has a low end that is far more powerful than the 9,5 from previous years. Maybe not the high end speed as last year? Still to be proved. But the new 9,2 will probably be my big speed sail this year. Tomorrow we looking forward for some real speed.

tisdag 2 april 2013

A great Thuesday

Today was the first day on the water.
Daniel and Anders rigged 8,6.
Very underpowered at the beginning but the wind picked up good at lunch and we did some good tuning and fin-testing. Today Z-fins, Hurricane, BFF, C3 proto and MXR.
Here is a raw video:

fredag 29 mars 2013

This blog is all about our stay in Soma Bay, Egypt

In this blog we will publish video, photos and what is on in Egypt during a week in April 2013.

From April 1:st and a week forward a handful of Swedish speed windsurfers are visiting Soma Bay.
International known Daniel Borgelind S-38, (European Speed Windsurfing Champion 2012), Anders Björkqvist S-877 (Swedish Speed Windsurfing Champion 2012), Peter Hagström S-201, Lars Bjärkling and Lars Falk will be involved in this blog. We consider this as a kick-off for the 2013 season  and an important occasion to trim all new gear at the lovely water in the northern part of Soma Bay.